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Amateur Radio @ vk1bl.net

Whatís new:

LO Multipliers for Microwave Transverters.

New 9cm Transverter.

A calibrated Noise Source.

A visit by Doug VK4OE with his 47Ghz system.

Inter-digital microwave filters for 13cm.

Waveguide Filter update.

My interest is in microwave experimentation and weak signal operation. vk1bl.net is an attempt to share information and some of my own experiences, with an emphasis on microwave construction as an Amateur here in VK1.

Microwave activity in and around VK1 is confined mostly to a small group of enthusiasts and then centered around field day outings, with the WIA sponsored VHF/UHF field days being popular.  While Amateur populations in VK3 and VK5 have traditionally yielded the most activity, itís encouraging to see interest in Amateur microwaves growing in VK1 and nearby areas of VK2.

My friend Owen VK1OD has for some time suggested I start a website, so here it is. Iím always keen to exchange ideas, and appreciate feedback on whatís published on vk1bl.net.

73, Ted - VK1BL

email: ted at vk1bl.net


Updated: July09